Places to Learn: Flower Arranging Course

I love to learn new skills – especially creative ones! So a couple of months ago I attended the ‘Flower Arranging’ course held at the North Sydney Community Centre. The course cost $120 plus an additional $50 for the beautifully arranged, fresh flowers that we took home on the day.

It was an intimate class of 7 which allowed the teacher to give one-on-one attention.

We learned how to arrange chrysanthemums onto an oasis (a green, sponge-like object that is apparently very bad for the environment). It was so meditative to quietly cut and arrange the flowers – I really felt like I was using a different part of my brain (instead of the boring logical/mathematical part that I use for work!).

The raw materials for arranging…

After some hardwork…

And the final product! So pretty!

After a short tea break we learned how to arrange bouquets of roses. I started with these 3 bunches…

There really is a technique to putting each flower between your thumb and forefingers and twisting the bouquet around before you add another flower and so on and so forth.

The final product! Again, there was a lot of technique involved and a moment where I thought I lost my arrangement – but luckily the teacher helped me!


Sadly I had to leave after lunch so I missed the last session on table arrangement. All in all, though, it was a great morning of fun and I had beautiful flowers for a whole 2 weeks afterwards!

North Sydney Community Centre also have a great range of Adult Courses and the center is easily located near the Stanton Library.
220 Miller Street, North Sydney

Maadz xo

One thought on “Places to Learn: Flower Arranging Course

  1. If you have any desires to learn more floral arrangement skills with your friends or even one on one training?
    SydneyEventsFlorist are offering fun flower workshops and parties for all ages and you can choose to treat it as fun or more professional class.
    You also get to take home the flowers you included in the price ! ☺

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