Art Exhibition: ‘Time in Motion: 50 Years of the Australian Ballet’

During lunch yesterday, I ducked out of the office to the State Library of NSW to see the exhibition ‘Time in Motion: 50 Years of the Australian Ballet’.


The beautiful photographs at the entrance give you a taste what the pretty and girly exhibition inside…


There are around four galleries filled with timeless photographs and gorgeous costumes.




One wall was lined with posters for the company’s many international productions.

There are also films in each room about various dancers and behind-the-scenes of productions etc.

The exhibition is whimsical, enchanting and girly and truly highlights the passion and magic of the Australian Ballet company. It’s also informative as I feel as though I now know more about the Australian Ballet Company after seeing this exhibition. I didn’t even know that they have a global presence and have been around for over half a century. I will definitely book some tix to see the Australian Ballet very soon!

What a great way to spend my lunchtime…

See it asap as it is only on until 10 February 2012.
State Library of New South Wales – Macquarie Street, Sydney, 2000

Maadz xo

2 thoughts on “Art Exhibition: ‘Time in Motion: 50 Years of the Australian Ballet’

  1. Great post Maadz. I’m hoping to catch a ABC show sometime this year, I know they’re coming to Canberra, perhaps we could go together? xx Rose

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