Art Exhibition: ‘Flashback: 160 Years of Australian Fashion Photos’

I strolled over to the State Library of New South Wales during lunchtime again…. it was 37 degrees outside so it was nice and cool in the library. I entered via the Macquarie Street entrance, climbed the stairs and was met with this small yet interesting exhibition.

‘Fashion photography’ refers to photographs or images for promoting or selling clothing. In the olden days, photos of royalty, wealthy people or actors wearing their most fashionable clothing set the trends.

Over time, photos of celebrities and models in fashionable clothing became ‘fashion photographs’.




I love this photograph below because it was taken at Marble Bar in Sydney which is one of my favourite bars and the photograph captures the moment and the clothes during that time!

Although the photographs, clothes and poses have changed, the concept of a beautiful/famous/interesting-looking person encapsulated in a photograph and subsequently setting a fashion trend has not changed.

This is a lovely exhibition to check out during your lunch break as it won’t take more than half an hour. See it soon as it closes on the 1st April 2013 – plus it’s free!!

State Library of NSW
Macquarie Street, Sydney


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