Enjoying waterside birthdays in Rose Bay

I love birthdays! I’m not sure why people don’t want to revel in the joy of feeling that for one special day, they can justify being the centre of attention and simply soak up what should feel like a heightened pleasure to be alive! Everything feels more exciting, more joyful, more positive on this day…and so it should be, the anniversary of joining this wild, wacky and fun world!


Every year I like to have my birthday by the water somewhere as I am a summer baby and love the water – it just relaxes me! I’m also a water baby and feel like it is one of Sydney’s great and unique pleasures: its luxurious and wide bays. In the past I have tried try some wonderful places like China Doll along the Finger Whard and pilu in Freshwater beach, but this year I stuck eastside in Rose Bay where relaxed crowds wander the Rose Bay promenade on a grey day and quaint boats in view bob along the calm still waters of the bay…

We went to “The Sailor’s Club”: a new glass encased jewellery box of delights!

The Sailor’s Club: http://www.thesailorsclub.com.au


We were once again treated to a feast for the eyes and the stomach! This chic residence on the water is like a wharf portruding into the water, completely surrounded by floor to ceiling glass which overlooks the shimmering bay waters with lots of mirrors to reflect the light and views to give a sense of space.

And did I mention that I love the decor!! It is full of bright yellows and whites, bathed in a feeling of luxury and simplicity without being pretentious! A fresh and youthful theme persists.

And the food is delish! My entree of Beef Tartare, Radish, Capers & Croutons was delicious – incredibly fresh and the mustard and tabasco mixed beef tartare simply melted in my mouth like a Parisian delight…as it should! The Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna, Beetroot, Witlof & Radish was also top notch and subtle! But the desserts take the cake (literally and metaphorically!)…

My lime and coconut pudding was by far the standout in terms of subtle flavours and summer freshness. Even though I can’t quite explain what was in it, the soft white and ivory mix was divine!




Above the mixture of strawberries, edible flowers, pistachios and meringue, inspired! Below, the steaming tiramisu – smoke was actually rising from dessert! It looked like a volcano of chocolate crackles and coffee aromas!


The whole experience was delightful, shared with my family over a lazy and relaxed Sunday: life was as it should be at that moment. A relaxing, chilled out but stylish locale with yummy food to boot. I’ll have a birthday any day!


Mari xo

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