Lifestyle: Dance Classes at ‘Dance Central Sydney’

I found Dance Central through a quick Google search and decided to try their classes because they have so many interesting styles. They offer the usual, well-known styles such as Hip Hop, Salsa, Ballet and Jazz for example. However they also offer a ton of interesting classes such as Afro-Latin Funk, Modern Tango, Club RnB Basics and Jamaican Dancehall to name a few. The studio is also very easy to locate and is about a 10 minute walk from Central Station (which works well for me as I live close to a train line).


I have been attending ‘Samba Reggae’ classes on Saturdays and ‘Jamaican Dancehall’ classes on Thursdays on a casual basis. Both classes start with a great warm up including isolations (great for your abs and thighs!) followed by learning a relatively easy routine that can be picked up by anyone dropping in on a casual basis. Of course, it helps to go every week – but that’s a bit difficult with our busy Sydney lifestyles! I also love the music – anything with a hip hop/RnB influence makes me want to get up and dance (even on the train!!). The teachers are also super talented and helpful.

The best thing is that I always leave class feeling like I’ve had a work out – that’s the thing I love about dance…. you don’t feel like you’re working out because it’s so much fun!!!

Dance Central Sydney
1/268 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

You can get a casual class pass for $17 each time you visit…. or get a 10 class pass for $155 (which is valid for a year). See the website for more details on workshops, private tuition etc.

PS here is a pic I took at Central Station on the way home from dance class at Dance Central… it’s not conventionally pretty but it’s better looking than any sunset I saw in HK!…


Maadz xo

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