Musings: How to be an Excellent Bridesmaid

This post should be helpful to ladies all over the world, not just those in my pretty Sydney….

I did some research on how to be an excellent bridesmaid (being an over-achiever, ‘good’ has never been good enough!) as K and her fiance T are getting married this Friday!!!!!


Here is my final list after a few hours (ok, maybe 10 minutes) of research.

The Rules:
– Be a good listener and friend.
– Provide emotional support throughout the entire process and an honest opinion.
– Organize and co-host a super awesome hen’s party.
– Be happy about the bridesmaid dress (K let us choose our own dress style so her bridesmaids won’t need to worry about this rule!).
– Attend the wedding rehearsal.
– Never turn up late for anything.
– Don’t drink too much at the hens’ (or the wedding) and make a spectacle of yourself. Take extra care to note this rule if you are giving a speech.
– Don’t bombard the bride with tons of last minute questions – ask someone else in the know like her maid of honor or another bridesmaid.

On the wedding day:
– Help the bride get ready and hold onto her makeup bag for touch ups throughout the day.
– Read the run sheet and make sure you have an idea of timing and events. Be organized and prepared!
– Anticipate her needs – eg. make sure she eats and drinks.
– Be there physically and emotionally – do not sneak off and/or get wasted.
– Never complain about anything on the day that you can keep to yourself.
– Catch the bridal bouquet (or try your very, very best).
– Have FUN!


Photos sourced from (‘Tulle and Chantilly’)

Maadz xoxox

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