‘Me & Mrs Jones’ in Canberra

I met with Rose and Miss I for dinner at Me & Mrs Jones in Canberra and had their delicious ‘Classic Beef Burger’ ($19) that I simply had to share.


A filling beef patty with swiss cheese, beetroot, tomato, smoky onions, rocket and tomato relish on a sweet, toasted bun – not bad. Not the best burger I’ve had (I think that was at Shake Shack in NYC!) but definitely a good one. I especially loved the crispy fries with aioli – yum! I’m so glad I went to the gym that morning!

Rose and Miss I shared the soft shell crab with chili salt ($14) which you can see behind my burger – they said it was super yummy and they don’t lie.


As I had to rush off to K’s wedding rehearsal, we met at 5.30pm when the restaurant was relatively empty. It was spacious with brick walls, yellow chairs and interesting props like this telephone.


The service was good – but then again, everyone in Canberra is friendly so I shouldn’t have been surprised!

I highly recommend heading to this restaurant perhaps after you have had drinks at The Kennedy Room.


At the corner of Giles and Kennedy Street in the classy suburb of Kingston

Maadz xoxo

2 thoughts on “‘Me & Mrs Jones’ in Canberra

  1. Great write up Miss Maadz, and even greater sharing the afternoon with you. This place has become my fave hang out in Canberra, I’d highly recommend it to Sydney siders if they’re ever in My Pretty Capital!

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