The History of Peplum


I noticed that there is a whole lot of peplum in stores lately…

What is peplum? The term is derived from the Greek word ‘peplos’ meaning shawl. The piece is a short overskirt that’s attached to the waistline of a blouse or jacket (source: wiki and free online dictionary). Peplum blouses and dresses were all the rage in the last few years of the 1930s; just before the Second World War and….
Vogue Pattern

…again in the 1980s just before the stock market crash in 1987.

In 2012 – they came back… and they’re still in stores in Australia.

I like peplum because it emphasizes your waist, accentuates your hips and covers your stomach – win, win, win! I have embraced the trend as I am a girly girl with a love for anything feminine and pretty! So I went a little peplum crazy!….


I team these with black pants or pencil skirts for work or a pair of jeans on the weekend. In my opinion, they are best worn with fitted pants or skirts. I also prefer my peplum to be a little less volumous.

My favourite thing about peplum is that I can eat a lot and be assured that my stomach is covered by a ruffle.

You can buy some peplum from Myer or Portmans, which are two of my fave mid-range stores!


Maadz xo

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2 thoughts on “The History of Peplum

  1. Oh I think I have the one in the middle in green, Sportsgirl!? I agree, I prefer the flowy peplum to the angular style. I’ve been avoiding the latest trends like the plague, like neon colour blocking, no thanks, but this one I like because it actually flatters women!

    1. It’s from Portmans…? Not surprised that you have a similar piece though – great minds do think alike tehehe!

      I’m not into neon colour blocking either, Rose. Peplum is more our style!

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