5 things that made me happy this week….

1. A cup of creamy, sweet, piping hot Adora milk hot chocolate which warmed my poor sore throat and helped me to get through a tricky spreadsheet! (See here for other hot chocolate options in the CBD)


2. Cooking a ‘real and simple’ meal from my newest cookbook (Marie Claire’s ‘Real + Simple’ obviously) for myself with fresh ingredients. After eating at my desk in my first year in Hong Kong and then eating out almost every night in my second year, the ability to cook for myself at home is therapeutic and blissful!


3. Two new books arrivals from the Book Depository ($7 together with free delivery from the UK!)… I’m trying to read as many fairy tales as I can because I want to write my own (new year’s resolution!)… wish me luck!


4. The weather warmed up from a cool 19 degrees on Sunday to 28 degrees today!!! Warm days make me happy!


5. Catching up with my dad on the phone after he returned from a meditation retreat where he couldn’t speak to us for a week and meeting close friends Mari, J, A and L to share meals and thoughts. Genuine friendships in a big city is so important for my survival – another lesson I learned when I lived in HK. Point illustrated by drawing from Megan Hess (love her work!).


Hope you had a fab week, happy Friday!

Maadz xoxo

5 thoughts on “5 things that made me happy this week….

  1. Thanks for posting “5 things that made me happy this week….
    | My Pretty Sydney”. I actuallymight certainly wind up
    being back for much more browsing and writing comments in the near future.

    Thank you, Junior

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