Creative projects: DIY calendars & stationery addictions: a kikki-k fantasy

Everyone needs a project!



I recently received a DIY calendar from kikki-k as a gift from a bunch of girlfriends – both a thoughtful and useful gift! And so I embarked upon the task of compiling a 2013 calendar from the selection of stickers, adhesive dots and photos I had accumulated this past year on a rainy Sydney afternoon – perfect to let the creative juices out with a bit of time and space!



Kikki-k has the most colourful and joyous selection of designer stickers: strawberries, squirrels, spots, flags, lollies in various pastel shades. Ironic given traditional Swedish weather patterns are hardly sunny, but somehow I just love all Scandinavian and Swedish design. Its simplicity and essential minimalism but cutesy feel in this case are exactly opposite to my own overdone eclectic style!!



For each month I chose an old photo with family and friends that reminded me of that month! Beach days for February, days in the snow for July, days with cheesy Santa Claus hats for December!



You get to choose black or white background and placement of your photos and stickers. You get to pick which selection of quirky and vibrant stickers to surround your memories with.


The whole experience not only brought out a sense of freedom and fun, it is also a great way of bringing back the nostalgia of your travel memories, your family events and celebrations, and shared memories with your friends! It is a great way of passing a rainy afternoon and taking some down time to use your right ‘creative’ side of the brain!



Not only that, it is a great excuse to go to kikki-k and waste time in the store, perusing the colourful organised shelves, enticing catalogues, delving into the pastel pinks and blues, the red ribbons and ice creams and rainbows. Kikki-k is like a child’s fantasies brought into adulthood through the beauty of stationery and paper. Making everyday life – ordinary life – the diaries we all have, the schedules we all keep, the notes we all make, into a creative and colourful pursuit.


We might all have technology to make our lives more efficient and convenient – but we still have our inner child and creativity to express, so why not make life more fun and buy a DIY calendar today!

Mari xoxo

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