Places to Eat: Opium den…or oriental gem?

Uncle Ming’s is an underground gem!
Last week Maadz and I caught up for a girly catch up and quick bite in town! I was in a rush as I had to go back to work and Maadz was ready for an early night to chill at home, but Uncle Ming’s was the perfect haven and escape for a change of scenery to freshen up your evening and make it feel longer and more extended.
Barely visible from the street and perfectly hidden next to a classy shirt shop, you have to wander down a set of dark stairs (like many of Sydney’s new small bars) to find the dim den entry.
Red infused light, long bar, intimate tables with small surrounding stools, plush oriental couches, decorative screens and dim lighting. It’s as if you’ve stepped into a colonial Shanghai night watering hole. The simple tasty menu of dumplings, duck buns, edamame and plum wine is great for a quick but satisfying snack after work. The small space conducive to intimate chatter with your girlfriends or a new encounter.
One of my favourite things was the view into the kitchen with a lone lady visible through a large circular archway – almost like an artwork!
For a taste of old class and vintage Asia, try Uncle Ming’s!

Mari xoxo

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