Places to Eat: Looking for a new brunch spot? Go no further…

Kepos Street Kitchen in leafy east Redfern is your place!

Yes, I think I have found my new favourite place for brunch and lunch! 
On a glorious sunny day in Sydney I agreed to meet an old friend (way back from primary school – how about that for a 20 year friendship!!) for lunch at my place, and decided to try the cafe around the corner for convenience…and also because I had heard good things about the food! And we were certainly not disappointed!

We meandered along Bourke St in Redfern around the corner to Kepos St, a leafy quiet terrace and poplar-lined street to find a light-filled, bright white-infused cafe with a very attractive menu and friendly vibe!
The staff felt Eastern European, but the cusine feels Middl-Eastern – exotic, fresh and tasty. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. When they couldn’t find a table for us they immediately offered for us to sit outside on a bench with the leafy outlook of Kepos St and a coffee, before promptly inviting us to or seats soon after!
The food is fresh, flavoursome and spiced! It is truly delicious and honestly one of the best cafes I have been to recently where not only is the decor, service and vibe great – the quality and freshness of the food is there to back it up!
Me and my friend shared the cauliflower salad with fresh cranberries and pistachios – a fragrant flavour with sweetness mixed in with the subtle cauliflower. The tuna marinated in Middle Eastern spices, turmeric and served on a bed of fresh and yummy vegetables in a ratatouille-like marinade was delicious. Savoury, mixed in with pomegranate flavours and dates to make it decidedly rich in flavour but light and fluffy on the palate.
I’ve already been back and love this place! The breakfast menu is also fab with souffled omelettes, baked eggs and zucchini fritters which all satisfy the sophisticated tastes of regular Sydneysider brunch-goers!
The cute cosy tables create an intimacy for those catch ups girlfriends on the weekends and the upholstery with stripes and stark patterns against the white walls is simple and inspired. The entry is particularly enticing with a selection of cakes, brownies and biscuits to entice you. The peach and coconut cake was a winner this weekend!
The coffee is also great – creamy with a touch of sweetness. And the highlight of the coffee is it comes in these great bright green ceramic cups. Fresh, bright, young and fun. What else would you want from a fave brunching / lunch spot!?

Mari xoxo

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