Jamie’s Italian in Sydney

Jamie’s Italian in Sydney is located on the corner of Pitt and Hunter Street at the top end of the CBD. KT and I met at about 5.30pm on a Saturday night and the queue was already snaking around to Hunter Street. It took 10 minutes to reach the front of the line to put our name down and another 45 minutes to be seated at our table.

So after putting out name down, we waited for our table at the bar area upstairs overlooking Pitt Street. We purchased a bottle of rose and some delicious bar snacks – olive tapenade with ‘music’ bread and risotto balls – for our wait.




The restaurant is surprisingly large given the small entrance at the front. Jamie’s occupies two long, dimly-lit floors with industrial style décor including painted metal chairs, large wooden banquette tables and giant chandeliers. There is a bar on each floor and the bustling kitchen is at the end of the first floor.

As KT and I were busy catching up on our week and enjoying the wine and snack food, the wait didn’t feel too long. Before long, we were seated downstairs at a cosy little table near the kitchen. On a Saturday night, the restaurant had a casual and comfortable atmosphere with families, couples and groups of friends.

Kt is a cheese/meat platter nut so we ordered the Meat Plank ($13.50 per person) which is a wooden chopping board filled with cold meat and cheese and propped on tinned tomatoes. The buffalo mozzarella was my favourite – it literally melted in my mouth.



Next we each had an entrée-sized pasta as our main. KT ate the Linguine with Rabbit meat and I lapped up a bowl of Tagliatelle Bolognese ($13). The pasta was fresh and the sauce was deliciously warm and comforting.


For dessert, KT had an Eaton Mess…


and I had a Chocolate Brownie ($10) which was so warm and tasty but filling. Unfortunately I only made my way through half of the plate before giving up.


The whole meal with wine worked out to about $40 each. Jamie’s Italian is not a fine dining experience with exorbitant prices for exotic dishes. Instead, it’s excellent home-style cooking for reasonable prices in a casual and buzzing atmosphere in the heart of the city. KT and I both enjoyed our experience and will be coming back for more very soon!

Maadz xoxo

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