5 things that made me happy this weekend…

1. A weekend away from the busy city.  I almost thought I wouldn’t make it when my early morning flight to Brisbane was cancelled.  However I managed to get onto a midday flight and although I arrived 5 hours later than expected, I still made it! A weekend away at a chilled out destination is so vital to survive in busy (although very pretty!) Sydney.


2.  There were so many babies and toddlers at the airport – apparently Friday morning is the most popular time to travel with kiddies. I don’t think anyone would disagree that happy, smiling, chirpy babies make people happy!

Anne Geddes 1

3. I finally saw a politician! I never once saw a politician in the 17 years I spent in Canberra…. However on Friday, I spotted our Aussie Treasurer Wayne Swan on the delayed flight that I wasn’t meant to catch in the first place. The celebrity (or ‘politiican’?) spotting didn’t make me happy but the little reminder that random things happen unexpectedly made me smile. Chances of seeing a politician on a flight to Brisbane should be lower than seeing one in Canberra, the nation’s capital where I lived for 17 years, right? Not so, it seems! (Or it could be that even the Australian politicians don’t want to live in Canberra and escape to their hometowns on weekends…?? But let’s just forget about that for now!)

4.   Spending quality time with my parents and Mum’s cooking. Just seeing my parents at the airport made me feel calm – I always feel safe and know that everything is ok when they are around.  See if you can spot the picture of my parents, Grandma and I.


5.  Shopping and catching up with a close girlfriend.  Lovely LH from HK was visiting so we spent an afternoon shopping in trendy Newfarm.  It was therapeutic!


Now I’m ready to head back to the busy city for another hectic week.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Maadz xox
Image credits:
2. (Remember Anne Geddes? Her baby photos are the cutest!)

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