Cupcakes and Coffee at The Classic Cupcake Co in Mosman


I met JK and AL for a coffee in Mosman late on Sunday afternoon.  These two Sydney-siders were keen to try something new however most of the cafes along Military Road were already closed or closing.  So we turned onto Avenue Road as we were thinking of stopping at the Avenue Road Cafe, a regular brunch and coffee spot for JK and AL (i.e. not something ‘new’).  However, AL remembered that there was a cupcake shop a little further down the street…. so we found ourselves at The Classic Cupcake Co.

The shop, which opened a few months ago, is very small with white decor.  All the cupcakes are baked on site and are displayed on the front counter with all the other little tempting sweets.


There is hardly any seating as I noticed that most customers pick up their cupcakes to take away.  However we decided to sit inside on the high stools to enjoy our coffees and cupcakes.

I was torn between the cupcake flavours – purple velvet, popcorn, chocolat, chocolate orange or lemon drizzle? The names were so interesting and all of the cupcakes looked so good! After a long minute of anxiety and some reassuring words from the girls, I ordered a purple velvet cupcake ($4) and a chai latte ($3.50). AL ordered a popcorn cupcake and JK ordered some chocolat cupcakes to take home.

The purple velvet cupcake was pretty delicious – small, with creamy, sugary purple icing.  AL’s popcorn cupcake was also yummy although I couldn’t really taste the popcorn… but maybe my tastebuds had too many competing tastes with the purple velvet, sugary and cinnamon-y chai and the popcorn cupcake…

All in all, it was a delightful experience shared with two lovely ladies.


Try the cupcakes now! You can find the store at 167 Avenue Road, Mosman.

Maadz xoxo

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