‘Cucina Italiana’ Cooking Classes

A few weeks ago my mum and I attended ‘The Long Italian Lunch’ class at Cucina Italiana. The classes are run by founder and owner Luciana Sampogna and are held in her beautiful Tuscan-inspired home in Annandale.






We learned how to make a full menu including pasta dough that was transformed into ravioli, Tuscan antipasti, chicken scaloppine with herbs and semifreddo al caffe (coffee ice cream cake). But we didn’t do too much work, in fact we really only got our hands dirty to make the pasta dough, ravioli and the chicken scaloppine. The delicious ravioli fillings were pre-made and the herb sauce for the chicken, the Tuscan antipasti and semifreddi al caffe was made on the spot as a demo by Luciana herself. We mostly enjoyed wine (poured by Luciana’s 2 assistants) and our meal (served by Luciana and her assistants) at the long table. We all waddled home with recipes in hand and demos imprinted onto our memories.









Tuscan antipasti bursting with flavours served on warm, freshly baked bread.


Comforting morsels of tortelli di zucca (or ravioli filled with pumpkin) and casunziei ampezzani (ravioli filled with beetroot) with a simple sauce made of thickened cream, butter and fresh nutmeg.



Chicken scaloppine drizzled with a spicy herb sauce made with garlic, olive oil, chilli, stock and dry white wine. I mopped up the sauce with my bread – delish!


A cooling, sweet yet a little bitter Semifreddo al caffe.


Luciana is a great teacher with a lot of personality and energy. She had some funny quotes like ‘You cannot hide behind curry powder or strong falvours in Italian food.’ and ‘If you eat more salt you get a heart attack but if you eat no salt you get a mental illness. God only knows how you will die so don’t worry.’ She made the class a wonderful cooking experience for both me and my mum!

Book into a class asap or buy a class as a gift for someone who you think will enjoy such a lovely class!

Maadz xoxo

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