Keeping fit in the city…do you love teamsports too?

Keeping active and healthy is a fundamental part of enjoying your life in any city, and Sydney has the outdoors spaces and the beautiful climate to truly enjoy and soak up a healthy lifestyle full of sports and other fu acfivities! One of my highlights each week for many years now has been participation in teamsports outside of study and work! As work nears to the end of the day, the excitement at being able to rush out into the fading sunlight and head towards an open park on the water or a rooftop court, or a wide field near home and to run around, pump out those endorphins and socialise with a group of diverse and varied friends brought together by a fun and healthy activity is a joyful moment and experience!
I firmly believe that it is one of the parts of your life that should be invested in for good mental, physical and social wellbeing! It is an escape and a distraction that would keep you feeling fresh and break up your week!

My recent favourite teamsport for the evening has been futsal or 5 a side mixed soccer played on a small court at Ultimo Community Centre!
The courts are on the rooftops and have a view to the whole of the city with the lights coming on as the sun dims, and the sense of freedom and space is heightened by this open sky above you! I love the fast paced games, almost like interval training where 2 girls have to be on tbe field all the time and you get plenty of chances to chase and weave! It leaves you sweaty and exhausted, by refreshed and invigorated! Forget the gym…feel the breeze in your face and laugh eith your friends ehen you score a goal or trip over in the enthusiasm of getting at tbe ball! Honestly, I always leave smiling and sleep well afterwards…! What more could you ask for from your physical activity of choice!
I love the run through Darling Harbour to get there, the rushing up stairs to get there on time, the nearby local pubs for a drink with friends afterwards, the Brazilian and South American counterparts who run rings around me but are so mesmerising and enjoyable to watch and play that I let them, and the satisfaction of a goal or a win shared with newfound friends!
Some of the best spots that I have seen around Sydney to keep you fit, healthy and happy in this busy bustling city include:
* Ultimo Community Centre for futsal and indoor soccer
* Queen’s Park and Rushcutters Bay for touch football
* King George V in the city / The Rocks for tennis, basketball and indoor soccer
* Concord for basketball
* Sydney Uni for mixed netball
Check out your nearest community centre and enjoy some of the best that Sydney has to offer…great outdoors facilitis and weather year round! Enjoy an evening each week keeping fit and producing those endorphins to keep you happy and healthy!

Mari xxx

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