Fashion Post: must have handbags

I am a big fan of enjoying the occasional luxurious and functional fashion accessory! And a leather handbag is every girl’s, or rather lady’s must have accessory! Not only is a good handbag an essential for living an organised life as a lady, it is also a key useful accessory which can define an outfit! A handbag can be a statement piece that makes us standout as artistic or practical people, it can be a colourful addition and a stylistic centrepiece…on top of being utilitarian and lasting. We wear a handbag every day, we get great use out of this critical accessory…so I realised recently that investing in a beautiful, stylish, quality leather handbag is actually a great use of money and an enhancement in enjoyment!

I haven’t chosen yet, but I must admit that perusing some of my recent favourites for affordable, stylish bags on the web has inspired me…I am more undecided than before though about which one I like best! Some are more girly, some are more practical and speak of no nonsense, some are frilly and some are very angular….but what they do all share which I love about this season’s offering is they are FULL OF COLOUR and flat bright vibrant colours to add some “colour block” feature piece feel to your outfits!

Selection below from Michael Kors, Marcs and Kate Spade was more than enough temptation and beauty!

Clutch or tote?

Bright or muted tones?

Bows or belts and chains?

Natural or fleuro?

Girly or ladylike?

Shoulder or long strap?

Which is your favourite? There is room for all our tastes!

What do you say of some Kate Spade New York? Maybe my favourite….

For online shopping and fabulous selections with often free shipping:


Mari xxx

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