5 things that made me happy…

1. ‘Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen. Like friends, too, we should return to them again and again for, like true friends, they will never fail us….’  Charles Caleb Colton


I read this book in December 2007 and LOVED it.  I am reading it again and loving it even more.  It’s well written, the story is so gripping and the descriptions are beautiful and vivid… I can’t put it down! It’s a very sad story that makes you appreciate the small things in your own life.  A spectacular book makes me so happy – and kind of sad when I know I am about to finish it!

 2. Speaking of good friends, MB and SK from Hong Kong are visiting pretty Sydney!  MB hasn’t been to Sydney before and I believe she is loving it! I can’t wait to show her more of this beautiful city!


3. (Almost) daily emails from my bestie in Canberra KP….  We have kept a daily email dialogue for the past 5 years with exceptions only for sick days or when we are SUPER busy… Whether I was in Hong Kong or Sydney, we wrote fairly detailed emails to each other (almost) every single day!  This week was rather hectic and I didn’t have time to send KP as many emails – but she still wrote to me which I appreciate and enjoy – always.  Keep in touch with the friends that make you happy – it’s vital.


 4. So when Mari came to Hong Kong in 2011, we bought the same skirt from H&M because we lived in 2 different countries and would never have to worry about wearing it on the same day.  On Thursday, I decided wear this skirt which I hadn’t worn in Sydney yet – and Mari did too! And we didn’t plan it – I swear!! It was such a random little coincidence in our day – and it made us L.O.L!! In fact I’m still giggling about it now!


5.  Simply, a cup of tea.  English breakfast with a dash of creamy milk and half a teaspoon of sugar.  I’m Sri Lankan so tea is in my blood. I drink it when it’s cold outside or even when it’s 40 degrees.  Tea makes me feel so calm and relaxed.  I think I might just go make myself a cup right now…


Have a great weekend!

Maadz xo

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