Art Review: get to Anish Kapoor at the MCA in its final week!

The current highlight is Anish Kapoor’s installation exhibition – it totally blew my mind!!!

The MCA has recently done some fantastic renovations, creating a much more welcoming and appropriate entry. Its already stunning art deco facade and outlook over some of Sydney’s most valuable real estate at Circular Quay are a great introduction into the new age angular entry and interior. The new and improved giftshop is also a must, like all truly quality gallery shops!



Now for the exhibition….it honestly is like a brain explosion whose ability to entertain you and challenge is unique due to all the mirrors and the distortion effects….my eyes and brain were seriously sore after the hour wandering the gallery! The sheer size of some of the installations is impressive – filling the rooms anyour views. The reflections and fragmentation of the rooms are so intriguing and mesmerising!

I could have spent hours in front of one of the concave fragmented mirrors trying to creatively construct views of the people watching the exhibition…many of the pieces are almost like performance art, involving the viewer and challenging the spectator! Many are so incredible that they leave you incredulous and confused regarding how the artist managed to create the work – but fear not! The staff at the MCA are very knowledgeable and helpful and can often give you an insight into the construction and materials in the artwork!

IMG_4880On until 1 April, this is one of the best modern installation exhibits I have seen for a while! Get there if you possibly can, it will not disappoint! At the very least it will be a thought provoking experience and good fun! It does lead you down the path of wanting to be playful with the reflections and distortions!

IMG_4877If you can, wear a patterned dress to the exhibition and enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk at Circular Quay before or after to enjoy the twilight and evening city lights! Consider a drink beforehand at Cafe Sopra and dinner at Cafe Nice in the Quay West building! Or a vino at Odyssey wine bar on Argyle St in The Rocks.

Mari xxx


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