Tuesday check out: The Newtown Hotel for new art features and food…

I recently went back to Newtown for the first time in ages, and was struck by how vibrant, colorful, youthful and bustling this trendy, student-esque part of town was!

King Street, Newtown was always a favourite street of mine during university, but having gone back after a bit of time has passed, I noticed that it has been gentrified, there are even more restaurants, cafes, grocers, homewares stores all intertwined along this long winding road in the heartland of student life in Sydney!


I was meeting up with an old family friend who is studying med and shares a similarly busy schedule and long working hours, as well as a passion for all things artistic and crafty…so we met up at the refurbished Newtown Hotel on a Tuesday night – and what a great surprise!


The Newtown Hotel (newtownhotel.com.au) itself is a colourful testament to the sub cultures that form part if the intellectual and artistic scenes in Sydney.  Self professed alternative locale, the website highlights the chance to mingle with a varied and diverse crowd to spice up the weekly outings:

From drag queens to punk rock and anything in between, the Newtown Hotel is a snapshot into the rich and vibrant history and culture that is Newtown.

Tuesday nights are now the home to Motivo, a festival of live DJ music on the ground floor with artists painting and drawing live on the stage in front of the couches. It has a great grungy, alternative vibe, but still fun and neat rather than the old dirty pub feel!


Go upstairs for a movie showing on the top floor at 8pm or head to the balcony and booths upstairs for a great feed! The menu is tapas like mod Aus cuisine, fresh and tasty! Most dishes are available or encouraged as share plates. We shared the roast lamb and the salt cod croquettes with garlic cauliflower puree were a highlight! Add a fresh vintage Greek salad to freshen the mouth and you have a tasty, satisfying but light meal for a midweek feed!


Not to mention that many stores in the Newtown precinct are open much later with the average student wandering around well into the dark hours of the evening! So head to Newtown to freshen up the social scene, share in the artistic and creative precinct of town and feel youthful for a night…


Check out the following stores and cafes too outside of the Newtown Hotel:

* The Bank Hotel has great thai! Great place pre Enmore Theatre gig

* Pentimento and Art on King for your stationery and artistic needs

* femme fatale, stellino and other cute boutiques for cheap fun fashionable buyd are worth checking out

* Black Star Pastry for best most creative pastries in Sydney including watermelon and rose water layer cakes!

* Stacks of wax for all candle art imaginable

* cinque and Dendy for a cinema evening and cake fix

* Corellis cafe for the best spinach and feta omelette scramble and vitamin booster smoothie in Newtown

* bloodwood or corridor bar for best niche bar / whole in the wall

* Spencer Guthrie and Gigi’s for best organic dinner and most delicious ricotta cake and pizza joint!

All photos courtesy of The Newtown Hotel website.

Mari xxx



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