Musings: A short film that made me happy


I stumbled upon the short film ‘Paperman’ earlier this week and felt so happy and inspired.  I just love stories about people’s paths crossing in the most interesting ways…. plus it has a happy ending!

‘Paperman’ was directed by John Kahrs and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios just last year and according to Wiki, uses a blend of traditional and computer animation.  It won the ‘Best Animated Short Film’ at the Oscars last month – so it’s pretty famous.

The film is about paperplanes, life and a random meeting between a man and woman in 1940s New York City (could be Mari’s story!).  It’s SHORT – just over 6.5 minutes.  So watch it wherever you are – on the train, bus, plane or on your lunchbreak. It will warm your little heart – I promise!

Click this link to watch it asap.

Happy Friday!

Maadz xoxo

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