Dining at A Tavola and Dessert at Gelato Messina

You know those nights when you just laugh so hard that you cry and spit out your drink in an unattractive manner? That’s what happened when the bubbly JK met the equally bubbly MB.  We took MB (who was visiting from HK) for a very classy Italian dinner at A Tavola (meaning ‘At the table’ in Italian) and dessert at Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

At the entrance, there is a large dining table (kind of like a private kitchen in HK) where you can share your meal with others. 

Or you can sit in a little enclave downstairs with a more intimate, candle-lit setting.  It’s perfect for a romantic date – and not really a place to be silly with your girlfriends…. 


We got a few cold, questioning stares from other diners – but we didn’t care by that point.  We thought we injected some brightness and humour to the atmosphere… (which could be translated as being annoying – but oh well!)…

The service was excellent – the waiter or waitress explained the ENTIRE menu on the table as well as the chalkboard and was very attentive throughout the evening.



We decided to share a couple of vegetarian dishes.  We started with the swiss brown mushrooms, green peas, mint, ricotta salata which was fresh and tasty.  We shared a parpadelle ragu with cauliflower, spinach leaves and a creamy sauce topped with parmesan cheese as well as pasta with some kind of cheese (I can’t remember – it was from the menu on the chalkboard!) and cherry tomatoes a creamy tomato sauce.  It. Was. Delish.




After bringing the house down with our laughter and filling ourselves with this delicious meal, we wandered over to Gelato Messina.  This is apparently a Sydney institute as the line was literally out the door. 


The flavours looked so interesting and we struggled with our decision.  



So JK suggested we try her fave salted caramel flavour. 


And it was so good – I’m so glad we shared the calories!  


It was such a great evening shared with two special ladies – one whom I miss already as she is back in HK and one who will be leaving pretty Sydney soon for a new life in London town… Sigh.  Good friends, delicious food and wine – what a lovely Friday night!

Maadz xox

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