Musings: Monday Quote

Fall - Gatsby

Summer is slowly passing us by. Those sweltering 30 degree days spent at the beach and balmy evenings at outdoor bars sipping a cool white wine or beer are over. That festive, holiday atmosphere with Christmas and a New Year promising new beginnings are gone.  A cool change is in the air and the leaves are gradually turning brown. The air is less humid and a little crisper. And one day, the temperature plummets, the leaves fall swiftly to the pavement and it’s autumn – in an instant. Just like that.

Changing seasons remind us that change is certain and sometimes out of our control. At times, life can feel boring and stagnant. You go through the same routine of waking up, getting dressed, putting on make-up, catching the same train line and talking to the same people at the office. Until one day, you unexpectedly meet someone. Or you are offered an amazing job overseas. Or you find the perfect apartment that is even better than you imagined. And just like that, your life changes and everything feels new.

Although I’m sad that summer is departing, I am looking forward to positive changes. I know that just when I think life is stale and routine, something will change. Just like the seasons. As F. Scott Fitzgerald wisely put it: ‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.’

Maadz xox

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One thought on “Musings: Monday Quote

  1. Beautiful quote, I love the idea of a new beginnings whatever the season. Life never happens as neatly as we’d like, so why should one expect changes only in the beginning!

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