Farewell Sydney: what I’ll miss

Some very exciting news…I am leaving Sydney to follow my dreams and have moved to The Big Apple! Yes, that’s right, I’ll be moving to follow career aspirations and opprtunities, as well as live overseas and explore other personal dreams of mine! Farewell thee well Sydney! HELLO NEW YORK!



As much as I am nervous and excited about this upcoming move, there are definitely things that I am going to miss about the wonderful, sunny, vibrant city that I have grown up in! And just to name a few:
* sunny days all year round – who could fault the Sydney climate, weather and lifestyle that it engenders! I have always been a big believer in the power of sunlight and vitamin D to make us warmer, more relaxed, happier people and the power of sunlight in improving one’s mood so Sydney is just about as good as it gets in this department…I will have to see if I become crabbier in New York winters hehe
* the harbour precinct – the runs around the Botanical Gardens, going to concerts at the Opera House and Walsh Bay, the stunning view from Macmahons Point…perfect for romantic walks and invigorating views. As far as enjoyment, sheer pleasure and romance goes – the Sydney harbour can provide all of those and just simply from a meandering stroll along the foreshore and before you’ve spent a dollar on gelato or a nice meal!
* my loving family and network of supportive and fun friends! And the many dinner and brunch dates they provide – many friendships I have, have been developed over 8 to 20 years. They have been a long time in the making! And I do not underestimate how special and deep the intimacy created from such long associations is, and how difficult it will be to replicate these friendships and the closeness of family. That is why I will be spending a decent sum on getting a good phone plan in New York to call home easily and often!
* beaches and coastal walks overlooking the bays of Sydney – an extension of the harbour precinct and foreshore areas, the beaches and the lookouts and walks around these beaches are stunning and soulful. These remain no doubt a major drawcard for msny Australians reentering home!
* my beautiful pad in cosmopolitan and tree lined leafy Redfern and the house I grew up in the inner west – both areas were filled with good food, tree lined streets, friendly people, colourful vibrant main street shops and a great park area or bay run nearby for outdoor running and sports. I will miss these and need to find new routes, a new community, a new home, no doubt a good and fun challenge!
* runs around the East and centennial park, rides along the Cook River
* knowing where to find everything – interior design stores, art galleries, yoga studios, pastries, vintage items, cupcakes, gelato messina…but there will be replacements aplenty!
* familiarity…both what we seek to get away from but which we become nostalgic for soon after!

But the converse of many of these – meeting new people, making new friends, exploring a new city, discovering new favourites, running around Central Park, cycling along the Hudson, going to the Met and MOMA…are also what excite me! A new adventure awaits as NYC correspondent!

Mari xxx

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