Lunch at Reuben Hills

I caught up with CL (who I met randomly on a flight over a year ago!) for lunch in Surry Hills.  We decided to try one of Mari’s recommendations, Reuben Hills, at 61 Albion Street.


The small street entrance is deceiving as the cafe is huge! It’s 2 floors and spans the length of two parallel streets.  I can only describe Reuben Hills as ‘Cool.’ – modern industrial decor, a South-American inspired menu, specialty coffee and hip-hop music playing in the background.  Cool, hip and interesting.

I ordered the Smoked South Wessex ham, rocket, tomato, red pepper chutney and manchego (a South American cheese) on rye bread ($14).  It was the tangy red pepper chutney and melted manchego cheese that made the simple sandwich into something spectacular.



I washed it down with a tall glass of cool, refreshing grapefruit juice.


And water from a quirkily-labelled milk bottle.


CL had an interesting salad of watermelon, mint, feta and olive ($16).  Again, a simple set of ingredients combined to create a refreshing, interesting and tasty salad.


He tried the Cold Pour Over (which was pretty highly rated on the menu)… It’s basically a cold coffee – but CL said it was actually just as good as the menu claims.



The receipt was also quirky – it was on a postcard from Cornwall!


So I suggest that you head over to Reuben Hills for the service, atmosphere, coffee and food… now!

Maadz xox

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