Musings: Monday Quote


So this weekend, I applied for a volunteer position at Kiva. I really hope I get it – keeping my fingers and toes crossed! If you didn’t know already, Kiva is a non-profit organisation helping to alleviate poverty through microfinance institutions. All you need to do is donate as little as $25 to help someone in a developing country who is struggling to finance their loan. Once they have paid back their loan, you get your money back which you can reinvest or keep if you like.  Simple! It would be a great way to start the week – donate to a good cause!

Oh and I also got a pedicure – it was a little treat from me to me after a tough week.  I’m glad it’s kind of warm in Sydney so I can wear my sandals and look at the pretty colour!


Happy Monday!


Image from KP’s tumblr. I hope she’s reading this!

3 thoughts on “Musings: Monday Quote

      1. Thanks Miss Maadz,I really appreciate the feedback, and it’s so nice to know at least someone who wants me back in Planet Blog! In the meantime, I’ll keep visiting said planet through MyPrettySydney!

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