Musings: 3 things that make me happy…

1. (Decaf) coffee
My body doesn’t like a lot of coffee – it makes me a little jittery and head-achey. But I love the smell and taste, so I treat myself to decaf coffees every so often. That coffee smell, creamy frothed mlk, chocolate powder and a drop of sugar – it’s certainly a wonderful treat for a Saturday morning!


PS if you want a cheesy-but-feel-good ad – see this Moccona coffee ad . Cheesy but sweet and in a European location!!

2. Sitting in the grass at lunch time
I love kicking off my ballet flats and sticking my feet into the grass – especially on my lunch break. It’s very relaxing. I highly recommend taking a proper lunch break when you can. Reading or just lying on the grass for an hour means that I have a very productive afternoon. I can’t always do it – but I try to given that I moved back to my pretty Sydney for a more balanced lifestyle!


3. Lazy breakfasts on the weekend
I love making and eating breakfast in my pajamas while reading a book or mag and knowing that I don’t need to rush off to the office. And if I do need to be somewhere, it’s something fun like a hair apointment or brunch with a friend. This morning I had a croissant and I scrambled some eggs with cheese and milk and washed it all down with a cup of tea. Yum!


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Have a great weekend

Maadz xoxo

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