Beauty: Fringe Benefits

No I’m not talking about tax! I’m talking about a real fringe.  Bangs!


I’m cautious by nature and very risk-averse.  Every significant decision I have made has had a lengthy thought process, pros and cons lists and consultation with parents and trusted friends.  So the other day, I caught myself by complete surprise when I spontaneously agreed to a fringe.  Like a blunt fringe – the one I had when I was about 2 until 7? And grew out when I turned 8?

Sinead from Toni and Guy at McMahon’s point suggested it and I agreed.  It was a bit frightening when I first saw it but I’ve decided I like it. I’m glad I did it. I proved that I can be spontaneous at times.

But I did go home and read up on fringe literature just to confirm my spontaneous decision.  I thought I’d share some interesting snippets with you as follows:

The best fringe for your face shape:

Heart-shaped face: Thick, blunt fringe to show off stand-out cheekbones.

Round: Long, eye-brow skimming fringe or a side-swept fringe with a wispy cut.

Oval: a short, choppy fringe or side-swept fringe which is longer at the temples.

Long: A blunt-cut fringe although if you have angular features try a soft-cut side-swept fringe.

Square: A big, choppy fringe that touches the brow.

Fringe Maintenance:

Hair grows about half an inch each month so I’ll need to get my bangs trimmed almost every 3 weeks.  I’m lucky that Toni and Guy offers free fringe cuts! I need to stop myself from pulling out my scissors and giving myself the fringe cut!

And some fringe-spiration:


image credit


image credit


image credit


image credit


And half-up, half-down. Sinead suggested I just pull back some hair from my face and instantly, you have a hair style for work!

Hope this inspires you to get some new bangs! It’s a make-over. A big change. It makes you feel brand new! A handful of people have told me I look younger and KT said my eyes pop out (in a good way!). So I definitely got some fringe benefits this weekend! And looking younger just in time for my bday this month – win!

Maadz xoxo

4 thoughts on “Beauty: Fringe Benefits

  1. I’m a great believer in the benefits of fringe Maadz, and you look absolutely fantastic sporting one! Congrats on taking the leap.

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