Musings: 3 things that made me happy

1. Finding good publications to read over lunch (sushi and decaf coffee) on the weekend.  I stumbled upon ‘Women’s Fitness’ which is only $5.95 andpacked with easy-to-read and useful fitness and nutrition articles/tips.  I also subscribe to ‘The Economist’ which (in my opinion) tells boring world current affairs like an interesting, easy-to-read story.  Which is perfect for someone like me who finds it difficult to keep up with world current affairs.


2. Finding a new dinner spot with KT at the David Jones Food Hall . We shared a very tasty Fish Pie and Salmon with Herb Mash at ‘Oyster Bar’, washed it down with a glass of delicious wine and headed off for some late night shopping.





3. Re-discovering 2 awesome lunch spots in Sydney. It has been 3 years since I remembered to try these old faves – and they are still as good as I remember!
Little Vienna – I chose the ‘Sexy Tuna’ sandwich which is filled with avo, roma tomatoes, olives, rockets, cripsy lettuce, lemon chive mayo and tuna (obviously). So filling, refreshing, healthy and tasty!


Iku – healthy, wholesome food that is tasty and makes you feel light and healthy for a productive afternoon. (Image from Iku website – I couidn’t take a photo as lovely as this!) You can find them at most food courts across Sydney.


Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Maadz xoxo

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