Dinner at Kepos Street Kitchen

Mari blogged about a new brunch spot called Kepos Street Kitchen here when she was still in town (*cry* – we miss you!). She gave the place a great review so I jumped at the chance to have dinner there with Miss JK and a few of her lovely girlfriends.

The food was absolutely divine! The service was amazing – we had a really, lovely tall Swedish waiter who was sooo attentive, he would sometimes interrupt the conversation to find out whether we were ok. In a cute way of course – he wasn’t aggressive or anything!

I think all the girls were impressed with the menu! As Mari said, the staff were Eastern European and the menu was Middle-Eastern inspired.  She described her breakfast as ‘tasty, exotic and fresh’ – and I can’t think of a better way to describe dinner either! It was certainly delicious, very different and exotic and made with fresh ingredients.

We shared the following dishes:

homemade hummus with pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil with warm, fresh bread


‘tel aviv’ falafel with green tahini (which was kinda spicy)



zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese and a ‘garlicky’ aioli – this was particularly tasty and definitely one that would be tricky to replicate at home.  In the background you can see the tasty cauliflower salad with wheat, mint, parsley, walnut, pistachio and cranberies – I felt healthy just typing those ingredients!


a tabouleh salad with a twist made with parsley, cucumber, mint, tomatoes, shallots, eggplant, crushed wheat and pomegranate pearls – I could eat this every day, it was so fresh and different with so many different flavours mixed together!


baked atlantic salmon with tomatoes, green beans, olive capers and chermoula (a deliciusly spicy marinade used in Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian cooking)


potato gnocchi, braised veal shoulder shoulder off the bone and iranian eggplant.  this dish was perfect for the cold evening outside – it was a little spicy, warm and hearty with a smokey eggplant flavour.  Yum.  Seriously yum.


fish kefta with babaghanoush with mint and pomegranate balsamic


And then it was time for dessert …. and omigosh. It was good dessert.  We ordered some Moroccan mint tea to have with the polenta and pistachio cake, marscapone cream and extra virgin oil…

IMG_0594 IMG_0596

and the churros that we dipped into salted caramel.  It was SO GOOD.  I think I’ll be going back just for the dessert alone.   IMG_0598

Afterwards, JK, M and I headed over the pretty bridge to Neutral Bay for some hot chocolate and a good chat and laugh.  Great night, good company, delicious food! (I feel like Mari is missing in this photo – I might have to get photoshop and pop her in for the next one!)


Hope you try it soon – it’s really good! You can find them at 96 Kepos Street and you should book dinner on 9319 3919 because they are super popular right now.

Maadz xoxox

2 thoughts on “Dinner at Kepos Street Kitchen

  1. i just had a triple chocolate cake but my mouth was dripping at the churo still…….I will go there too!!!

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