Labels to Like: Single Estate Coffees

Single Estate 2

I’m so proud of my friend Ange as she is launching a little Melbourne label called Single Estate Coffees in Sydney and Canberra! These guys (and now girl) are boutique roasters of premium quality, sustainably sourced coffee. I hope they have a boutique, specialty roasted decaf option for me!

Single Estate Coffees’ green beans are sourced from individual farming estates in places including Colombia, Brazil, Rwanda and Sumatra and are only available in limited quantities – so it’s certainly premium and good quality. This is opposed to single-origin coffee where the beans are gathered from various areas in one region and pooled through coffee-brokers.

Single Estate 6
They pick 100% Arabica beans (as opposed to the cheaper Robusta beans) which are grown at high altitudes, have a milder, well-balanced flavour and are naturally lower in caffeine. The beans are farmed pesticide-free and only the highest grade beans are picked for the label. The fresh beans are then custom roasted using a specialized roasting technique in an estate just outside of Sydney before it’s delivered.

Single Estate 3

Single Estate 4

Single Estate 5
I also read that the label invests in the livelihoods of the communities and farming co-operatives where they grow the beans – so they must be nice people too (and no, Ange didn’t pay me to write that!).

I’m so excited try this label and really hope that Ange remembers to bring some to our next outing. If she doesn’t – try it yourself and tell me what you think!  Try their Hero blend.

Single Estate 1

Maadz xoxo

All images from Single Estate Coffee’s Facebook page.

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