Quick Avocado and Egg Pizza Recipe

I’m a huge avocado fan. It’s a ‘super food’ and a source of healthy fat with plenty of health benefits – it’s also creamy and delicious! So I was super excited to make my own avocado and egg pizza (if you google this you will come across a thousand recipes!).

All you need is


– 1 ripe, dark green avocado (doesn’t matter which variety. Cut the avocado in half length-wise, hold each half and twist them in opposite directions to separate from the seed. Remove the seed with a sharp knife.
– 1 piece of flat bread – Lebanese or pita or wraps
– 1 egg
– Lemon juice
– Pepper
– Tobasco sauce and/or chili flakes and/or paprika and/or whatever else you like to give your pizza a kick

Pop your wrap into the oven or under a grill for 5 minutes until crisp.
Mash your avocado in a bowl with about a teaspoon of lemon juice, a sprinkling of pepper and a couple of drops of tobasco sauce. Season to your liking. Cook your egg to your liking (I personally love poached eggs but I can’t make them at home, so I have fried eggs instead). Spread the avo mash onto the flat bread and pop the egg on top and voila – you have a pizza for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Maadz xoxo

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