Musings: 6 things I like about winter


Winter isn’t my favourite season at all. I’m very much a ‘warm weather’ person.

It has been especially cold and rainy in Sydney lately, but instead of moping, I decided to think of a few things that I actually like about winter. Here they are:

1. Coats;

2. Boots;

3. Hats and;

4. Scarves!


All of these items can only be worn during the cooler months. They are so chic and you can really have fun mixing and matching! (And no I didn’t draw these images myself – they are from a book I bought a while ago.)

5. Hot liquids like hot chocolates, tea, soups and my absolute favourite cold weather food – soup noodles packed with chilli! There’s nothing more comforting than sipping something warm when it’s cold outside.




6. Walking into a warm bar/restaurant/café from the cold. It’s always a nice feeling when you close your umbrella, step inside the heated venue and slowly remove your thick coat, gloves and hat as you begin to thaw and eventually get your energy back!

And that’s about it. This list is not nearly as long as my ‘things I like about summer’ list – but it will do for now. I’ll leave you with some of my favourite winter pictures from Tiffany & Co. They always make winter look whimsical, romantic, pretty and fun don’t you think?




Maadz xox

Quote from here.
Tiffany pics obviously from the Tiffany’s website.

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