Film Review: ‘The Great Gatsby’

A couple of weeks ago I finally saw ‘The Great Gasby’ with JK. I blogged about the book here and mentioned that I was a little wary of the film because of slightly negative reviews.

However, I LOVED the movie and would gladly see it again on the big screen and will definitely buy it on DVD. I loved Baz Luhrmann’s other films like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the ‘ Moulin Rouge’ so it’s not exactly unexpected that I love ‘The Great Gatsby’ also. The script was a little different to the novel, however I thought that Luhrman still stayed true to the main story line revolving around a tragic love story and to Fitzgerald’s beautiful prose (watch it to see how!).

Like Luhrman’s other films, modern music was woven into the 1920s storyline/scenery with a soundtrack, boasting amazing tracks from established artists such as Jay-Z & Kanye West (No Church in the Wild) and Lana Del Ray (Young and Beautiful) to name just a few. The whole film was artistic and entertaining – there wasn’t a moment where I looked at my watch. And the acting was great – with an all-star cast including Leo Di Caprio and Carey Mulligan, you won’t fail to be amazed.

As I mentioned in my previous post, ‘The Great Gatsby’ was filmed around Sydney from the Fox Studios (for the party scenes) to Botany Bay (where Gatsby stares across the river) to the International College of Management in Manly (which served as Gatsby’s mansion) and to an old power station in Rozelle (which was the Valley of Ashes).

Here are my fave pics from the movie, click the link here, for more photos.





I hope you see it soon! And try to read the book before – it’s always best to read the book before seeing the film, in my humble opinion.

Maadz xoxo

2 thoughts on “Film Review: ‘The Great Gatsby’

  1. Good review. The novel will probably live forever, and always will be considered unfilmable, no matter how hard this movie tries to make it work.

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