Mexican at ‘El Loco’ at the Slip Inn

KT and I caught up for a good old chat on a Saturday night at El Loco at the Slip Inn in the city. You can also find El Loco in Surry Hills – but we wanted to go somewhere a bit more quiet especially because there was a game on that night and every bar in the Eastern suburbs was going to be FULL! Also, the Slip Inn is where Princess Mary met her Prince… I didn’t meet a prince that night but I did have a tasty, ‘cheap and cheerful’ dinner and drinks in a fun, buzzing venue that I highly recommend.

We started with crispy corn chips that we dipped into a very creamy guacamole and spicy salsa. We added some hot tobasco sauce to the salsa to give it a little extra kick. We ordered tall glasses of sweet, chilled apple cider to wash it all down. It was…



For our mains, I had some delicious fish tacos filled with fish (obviously!), chipotle mayo, salsa verde, cabbage, coriander and spring onions. (It’s small, I know, but I’m trying to eat less for dinner you see!)


KT ate the ‘pork torta’ which is a soft bun filled to the brim with pork, cabbage salad, pico de gallo (a type of salsa) and mayo. I’m not sure how she ate it because I was too busy eating my own taco and trying not to make a mess! But she finished it and said it was amazing so I’m going to have to try it next time – and I think you should too!


El Loco is a fun, laid-back venue with affordable and delicious food. You can sit on colourful stools at the large tables with a group of friends, or you can lounge in a cosy booth or you can head outside to the outdoor bar. It was raining that night so we sat in a booth so that we could chat and stay warm! The restaurant/bar is pretty spacious although it gets very busy so perhaps it’s best to go there early in the night to secure a table.


I’ll definitely be there again soon so I might see you there!

Maadz xoxo

2 thoughts on “Mexican at ‘El Loco’ at the Slip Inn

  1. I was in El Loco last Saturday too! But in the Surry Hill one. I love the food there. The only thing is, i always say it to my friends, the tortilla is not hot. In Mexico, people told me you can throw it back to the owner if the tortilla is not serviced hot. I love the food there though, really delicious.

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