Places to Explore: Eveleigh Markets

I love fresh produce straight from the farm so I was super excited to check out the weekly Farmer’s Markets at Eveleigh with Miss J on a bright and sunny winter morning in Sydney.

Eveleigh is an old suburb located just between Newtown and Redfern. Most of Redfern was actually Eveleigh a long time ago, and the Redfern Railway Station was originally the Eveleigh Railway Station. The markets are held in ‘Carriageworks’ which (as the name suggests) is where train carriages were built and repaired in the late 1800s until the 1970s. So I thought it was really cool to wander around market stalls set up inside a giant, old carriage repair warehouse.



You can park right in front of the markets or about 7 minutes away at Sydney Uni (like I did). Take a bag with you so that you can carry all your fresh produce and treats home. There was plenty to buy – organic vegetables and organic rice…





….. organic cheeses and yogurts and soups….





… and plenty of sweet treats!





And you can even get some free recipe advice. I bought some shallots, capsicum and red chillies for fried rice, so I chatted to the lady at the stall about various types of fried rice, woks etc. It was fun and I actually learned something!


You can even bring your dog along!



I drove home with a bag of fresh produce as well as some beautiful gerberas – and I didn’t spend much at all!


It was a lovely and productive way to spend a Saturday morning. I hope you go there soon, perhaps even next Saturday!

Maadz xoxox

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      1. Oh I’ve been haunting the site regularly, just keep forgetting to comment! Loved your review of The Great Gatsby, especially the behind the scenes insights. xx

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