Book Review: ‘The Vogue Factor’


I read this novel (which the Boy gave me as a thoughtful gift!) in 2 days when I was sick in bed with a cold. I have always been interested in media, magazines, editing and writing so it was natural that I would fly through the pages with enthusiasm and interest.

Kirstie Clements tells her story starting from her humble upbringing in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney to her glamorous career as the Editor for Vogue Australia. Her career spanned 25 years until May 2012 when she was sadly and unceremoniously sacked from her position. The story is set in beautiful locations and is filled with her experiences and insights into the magazine world, editing, fashion and celebrities. It’s a warm and personable read and felt like reading a really good magazine without the ads, promo material and pictures. I would only recommend this book to those who are interested in the magazine world, fashion and writing. So if that sounds like you, purchase this novel now (or borrow it from me) and read it with a hot cup of tea while wearing your glam high heels and a chic scarf – it’s a novel about Vogue after all.


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