Spicy Curries at Radio Cairo in Cremorne

Feeling like something spicy and flavorsome, my boyfriend and I tried Radio Cairo in Cremorne located just across the road from the Hayden Orpheum Picture theatre. This local restaurant offers a selection of dishes from Africa, the Caribbean, India and Sri Lanka. The walls are adorned with paintings and interesting décor from these regions also.

Even though we hadn’t booked a table on a busy Saturday night, we were seated at the small bar in the middle of the restaurant which was perfectly fine. From the interesting menu we ordered:

Grilled bread with seeni sambol (spicy caramelized onions from Sri Lanka), melted cheese and fresh chillis,

Cajun juju sirloin slippers – barbequed sirloin steak with a mild, somewhat sweet Juju-Cubano spice with baked potatoes,

Chicken and sweet potato curry,

and spicy Cajun ‘blackened’ snapper fillets (Cajun spices and Louisiana hot sauce pan fried snapper fillets)

Each dish had a unique set of flavours, spices and textures. Our favourite dish was the chicken and sweet potato curry because it was warm and comforting. The Cuban Juju sirloin slippers were tasty although didn’t have the same addictive, eye-popping spiciness that the other dishes had.

We will definitely return to this restaurant, most likely before or after watching a movie at the Hayden Orpheum or when we feel like something spicy again! Book a table if you are going with a group and leave enough time to find a parking spot as the area is particularly busy on Saturday evenings.

Maadz xoxo

Address: 83 Spofforth Street, Cremorne
Phone: 02 9908 2649

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