Brunching at the Botanica Garden Cafe

The Botanica Garden Café is located across the road from the Waverton train station in what used to be a plant nursery. Hence the décor is appropriately garden-themed with garden tables and chairs covered by beach umbrellas and cushy sofas with coffee tables. All of the seating is outside and mostly under cover making this the perfect brunch spot on a sunny day. Other features include juice served in glass jars, vintage cutlery, mismatched crockery and old telephones at the cash register.

Boyfriend had the flavoursome ‘Breakfast Pansy’ which is chorizo, potato and mushroom omelette in a pan with salsa and parsley ($16.50).


I felt like a light meal so I had the simple Little Soldiers ($7.50) with perfectly toasted and buttered Turkish bread ‘soldiers’ to dip into a runny soft-boiled egg.


Boyfriend also tried a refreshing Maui Wowie juice made with pineapple, young coconut, ginger and mint.


He also had the Vietnamese Coffee Drip which is simply coffee served over sweet condensed milk and ice. Although it took a little while to drip into the glass, it was refreshing and sweet.



So I recommend trying this little café for a tasty weekend brunch in a relaxed, garden setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Maadz xox

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