‘Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea’ at the Westin Hotel

Once upon a time, a boy and a girl in a faraway land down under went to a Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea Party. They sat in a sunlit lobby under a clock chime and ate delightful treats from a two-tiered tray.

photo (2)

The savory tier of the tray included:
Tweedledee and Tweedledum – asparagus wrapped in roast beef and topped on mini laugen bread
Alice in Wonderland: Alaskan crabmeat on round white bread, wrapped in cucumber
Caterpillar: a salad made of cherry tomato, bocconcini, fresh greens and crispy wonton noodle strips


The sweet tier consisted of:
Mad Hatter’s Hat: rich dark chocolate mudcake
White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch: purple macaroon filled with blueberry cream
Queen of Hearts: raspberry buttercream, raspberry jelly and chocolate ganache layers


The boy and girl both agreed their favorite was the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ from the savory tier and the ‘White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch’ from the sweet tier.

After they had devoured all the goodies on both plates, the empty tray was cleared away and replaced with a plate of delicious scones. The scones came with homemade strawberry jam, raspberry chocolate jam and cream.


The boy and girl drank all kinds of tea from bottomless teacups all afternoon to wash down their afternoon tea.


Once they had eaten all of their treats and drank as much tea as they possibly could, they wandered home feeling stuffed and happy – and very energetic from all the sugar they had consumed!

Overall they were very pleased with their Afternoon Tea and would happily return for another Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea Party.

The END.

Afternoon tea at the Westin Hotel (No 1 Martin Place Sydney) is served daily from noon till 6pm. Choose between the ‘Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea’ and ‘The Heritage High Tea’ with prices starting from $45. With the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea – for a little extra add a ‘Drink Me Cocktail’ with the ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ option or a R de Ruinart Champagne with the ‘Ruinart’s Queen of Hearts’ option. Call 8223 1197 to book now.


Maadz xox

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