Gift Guide: Easter

If you haven’t bought your gifts yet, here is a quick guide to help you. Along with traditional chocolate Easter eggs, I’ve included adorable vintage gift tags, a beautiful wreath to decorate someone’s front door, Easter-themed cupcakes to take to a lunch or dinner party, a cookie decorating kit for little ones and some cute DIY ideas for those who like to make gifts.


Clockwise from top left:
Milk chocolate egg with praline pieces ($3.00) from Max Brenner; Gift tags (around $7) from Etsy; a Bare egg with nuts inside ($16.50) from Max Brenner; Cookie Masterpiece ($6.00) pack from Max Brenner; D.I.Y. idea; Mini red velvet nests with chocolate buttercream and speckled eggs, $29 for half a dozen from The Classic Cupcake Co; and wreath (around $71) from Etsy.

If you like to make gifts, here are 101 Handmade Easter Craft Ideas by Everything Etsy. There’s not long to go until Easter so you’d better start your DIY projects as soon as possible.

I hope you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Have a lovely Easter!

Maadz xox

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