Dinner at SoCal in Neutral Bay

So a couple of weeks ago, some bloggers (including myself!) were invited to a delicious Southern Californian inspired dinner by the lovely people from Sony Entertainment.

The dinner was held at So Cal, which is conveniently located in my hood, just off Military Road on 1 Young Street in Neutral Bay. Our dinner was held in the back of the restaurant/bar in the brightly lit courtyard (as opposed to the darker and larger bar area at the entrance). The décor was appropriately themed with palm fronds, large white ceiling beams, white floorboards and ‘SoCal’ inspired posters/paintings.

Upon arrival, Sony presented us with their awesome new Cyber-shot DSC-QX lens camera. This lens connects to your smartphone with Wi-Fi. So you can either clip it to your phone or, just hold it in your hand and take photos with the shutter on the lens.


Sony DSC QX 100

Here is a photo I took holding the lens above my phone.


It’s like having a detachable DSLR lens complete with a high-resolution sensor, optical zoom, manual controls and an Optical SteadyShot to use with your smartphone. Except it’s not nearly as heavy as a DSLR, sharper than your iPhone and fits snugly into your handbag or even a generously-sized clutch.

The photos are taken through the ‘Play Memories’ app and saved onto your camera roll. The connectivity range between the lens and smartphone is up to 10 metres, so you could leave your camera in one room and take the lens to another room to shoot. How much fun is that?! It’s awesome for taking photos from unique angles (which I love doing!) and the pictures are super high quality and sharp. Here is a photo I took aiming the lens up at the glasses.

So Cal drinks

So you can imagine just how excited a group of food and lifestyle bloggers would be about an invention like this, especially at such a photogenic venue with good-looking food.

Here are some more photos from the evening (all taken with the Sony QX).

The starter was crispy, fried corn chips and dips.


We were treated to a demo by the chef. It was interesting to see how he skinned the salmon. I don’t know if I could do that myself, but at least I know for next time!




The dish that was demonstrated was deliciously cool and refreshing.


We also dipped fried calamari into a tangy, spicy dip.

Next there were tacos with fish, pineapple and some kind of lime, cilantro sauce.

I was already starting to get full when we were presented with a board of cute sliders filled with tender, slow-cooked meat.

For the main we had ribs, which were tasty although a little salty for my liking. So I loaded up on potato gems, because they are simply delicious. It’s not every day that you eat these little deep fried gems filled with salty potato and coated in a crispy batter.



Finally, for dessert, each table was presented with a plate of churros decorated with sparklers. I could only manage one deep fried, doughy churro coated with cinnamon sugar and dipped into hot chocolate. So indulgent, but so delicious.

You can judge the quality of the photos with the lens for yourself. I hope that these photos make you want to try So-Cal next time you are in the area! It’s the perfect place with delicious food and drinks for a relaxed evening with a group of friends.

Thank you so much, team Sony, for a lovely dinner and the lens.

Maadz xoxo

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