5 things that made me happy

1. A surprisingly great and easy read which I couldn’t put down. ‘#Girlboss’ has more topics, ideas and advice that are of more interest and value to girls in their mid to late 20s (in my opinion) compared to Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ (which I reviewed here). Sophia Amoruso’s background is very interesting – she had no higher education, started an e-Bay business selling vintage clothes at 22 to make ends meet which she turned into a multi-million dollar company by age 30. Read the book to find out why and how. It’s part memoir, part self help, part career help with a lot of positive advice and strategies. I highly recommend this read.


2. A huge, beautiful bouquet of flowers from Boyfriend for my birthday. The selection of flowers were bright, pretty and smelled sweet without being too overpowering. Flowers make me happy, especially when they are from someone very special.


3. Chilli with nachos, cheesey fries and iced tea from Blue Plate Grill in Neutral Bay. Fries, cheese, chilli, chips and iced tea all shared with Boyfriend (who had a homemade lemonade) – a tasty and indulgent Saturday night treat.


4. Delicious Crust Pizza after a long day at work when both of us were too tired to cook. It’s a healthier version of a pizza with fresh ingredients and less cheese on a less dense base. We enjoyed a tandoori chicken pizza and a fresh radicchio salad from their new menu.


5. The sun still peeked through these beautiful clouds on a wintery morning on the way to work. It made me smile and count my blessings to be back home in my pretty Sydney.


Maadz xox

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