Brunch at Sotto on West in North Sydney

Sydney’s Eastern and Inner Western suburbs are better known for their trendy cafes than the lower North Shore. These cafes have interesting décor, creative breakfast options and great coffee. But they are usually in tiny nooks of buildings with graffiti walls or near industrial warehouses with outdoor seating looking onto dusty, busy streets and a ‘cool’ or ‘hipster’ clientele. I always feel out of place in these trendy cafes because I’m far from ‘cool’ and prefer family-friendly neighborhoods with houses, gardens, trees, sleepy streets and easy parking.

Which is why I love brunching at Sotto on West, a delightful little café with an Eastern suburbs feel but located in the lower North shore.

The café sits on a quiet corner of West Street (as the name suggests) in the leafier suburban area of North Sydney. Its interior is open and airy with plenty of natural light enhanced by the white ceilings and wooden floorboards.


The décor is quirky with tasteful graffiti and a mural of the Mad Hatter’s tea party on the walls inside; handmade teapot and teacup light fixtures; suspended pot plants and pots of pretty flowers on the tables. Customers are generally locals of all ages including groups of girlfriends, couples and families with dogs – and very few ‘cool’ crowds or ‘hipsters’.



The breakfast options have always been interesting and delicious and Boyfriend told me that the coffee is great.


The dishes we have tried so far and loved include:

‘Hungover Much? If you are, do the lot!’ (even though I wasn’t hung over at the time!) – a Panini filled with a fried egg, bacon and a spicy and delicious tomato chilli relish.


‘This Mexican guy is so corny’ – guacamole and an onion and corn mix on two poached eggs and fluffy corn and zucchini fritters with a salsa of tomatoes, chipotles and red capsicum.


‘Did the pig come before the egg’ – usually on the ‘Specials’ menu. Simply two pork sausages, bacon and a potato and onion hash topped with a fried egg dusted with shavings of manchego cheese and chives.



I recommend Sotto on West for a trendy brunch at an interesting café in the peaceful lower North shore. I’m definitely going back for more, so I’ll see you there!

Maadz xox

Sotto on West
67 West Street, North Sydney
Open Mon to Wed 6.30am to 4.30pm
and Sun 7.30am to 2.30pm

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