5 things that made me happy lately

1. Cooking winter comfort food like lasagne, pies and chilli. They fill your kitchen with warmth and delicious smells. Try to keep it healthy by adding a salad or steamed veggies on the side.


2. A fabulous hair cut from an uber talented stylist, Sinead. She’s super personable and friendly so I never notice the time it takes to trim my very long, thick and hard to manage hair because we’re too busy chatting away. She always does a great job with the shampoo, trim and blow dry, that I can’t help admiring the cut in shop windows as I walk home…. She’s also a make-up artist, check out her Facebook page here. I highly recommend her.



3. A refreshing and relaxing Vitamin C facial at Gillian Adams spa. This little gem is hidden away inside an old bank building and heritage listed house on the Pacific Highway in Turramurra. Walk in from the busy highway to the courtyard at the back. It’s so tranquil and beautiful, you’d think you were in a spa out in the country!


4. Guest posts from KP. Looking forward to more this week! It’s so nice to have someone to share the blogging experience (and deadlines!) with.

938cc1817dad9a8cc35394634d6e7808 (image via Pinterest)

5. Chocolate! Red Agency sent me a few large blocks of yummy Cadbury Milk Chocolates from their limited edition flavours: Cherry Ripe, Picnic, Crackle, Strawberries and Creme and Toffee Brittle. My fave flavour was the Crackle bar. Get your favourite chocolate now to get you through the rest of the week!


Hope you have a lovely week.

Maadz xox

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