Mordeo Bistro & Bar Launch

A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest at the Mordeo Bistro & Bar (“Mordeo”) launch event. Mordeo, a bar and restaurant offering Southern European cuisine, is tucked in the Assembly of Deutsche Bank Place in Sydney.


It’s rather unique and elegant looking with its five super-sized maroon lampshades set against a backdrop of pretty fountains and the building.


Although it’s an outdoor bar, it’s protected from the cold wind because it’s nestled inside the large foyer of the building. The bar also had giant, powerful heaters positioned around the perimeter to keep us warm and toasty all evening.


Guests were treated to a menu created by Owner and Executive Chef Nicholas Aspros and Head Chef Marc Gehret. I took my wonderful Boyfriend and KT invited her fiancé, Mr KT and, our lovely mutual friend Mrs N.

We all agreed that our favourite canapés were:
– A spoonful (or two!) of creamy pea risotto with sage and Iberico Jamon

– Squid ink Gnocchi with truffle salami

– Margherita mini pizzas topped with piping hot, stringy, melted cheese

We picked at salty meat and spicy pickles from a charcuterie board by Spanish charteria LaBoqueria.


The buffet offered slow cooked octopus Carpaccio with split green beans and chorizo sausage as well as BBQ lamb ribs with Pedro Ximenez.

We all agreed that the BBQ lamb ribs were THE BEST item on the menu for the evening. They were tender, sticky and had the perfect amount of sauce without being too overpowering and salty.


Mrs N, KT and Mr KT all enjoyed the interesting wine selection on offer from Italy, Spain and France (Souther Europe of course).

Boyfriend taste tested the coffee from the tasting stations manned by suppliers Gabriel Coffee and Ona Coffee. He concluded that his favourite coffee was from Honduras.

We picked a table at the back near one of the large heaters so we were very comfortable and warm despite the wintery weather. We talked, ate and drank while listening to appropriately themed Spanish music. It was a lovely evening of great food, good wine and wonderful company.

I highly recommend Mordeo for a weeknight, after work catch-up with friends in the CBD. It’s a very elegant location with reasonably priced food and a casual atmosphere. I’m definitely going back for more – see you there!


Maadz xox

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