5 things that made me happy lately

1. I tried to make the most out of my trip to HK even though I wasn’t pleased about having to go at short notice… Plane rides and work trips make me stressed!


But catching up with old friends made me happy!

2. As did my breakfast at Dolce 88 at the Marriott hotel – HKD 50 (AUD 10) for a very fancy grilled cheese sandwich. It was delicious, warm and crispy. Gruyere cheese, ham, arugular leaves and truffle spread in even proportions between not 2 but 3 slices of bread. So indulgent!


3. I was super excited when I discovered a whole section of Tea Forte products! It’s the fanciest tea I’ve ever had! We first discovered these little triangle-shaped silk parcels filled with tea in Panama and were hooked. Sadly we have already finished half of the packet I bought for Boyfriend already.


4. I’m loving ’Thrive’ by Arianna Huffington, a book about redefining success and living a full life with wellness, wisdom, wonder and giving. I love toast, eggs and tea with a good book – only when I have time though.


5. I’m feeling refreshed after a lovely weekend away at the Blue Mountains with the Boyfriend. I really don’t think I was prepared for how beautiful it was going to be! The views were just stunning. I’ll do a proper post on our trip with recommendations etc some other time.


Have a lovely week.

Maadz xox

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