Planning a Winery Tour for a Hen’s party… a Guest Post

Organising a hen’s or bachelorette party and stuck for ideas? Read on for some tips from KP on planning a winery tour for a hen’s party!


Remember how a couple of weeks ago, I shared some tips for planning a trip to the wineries here? Well let’s take things up a level!

A while back I helped to plan a winery tour for a hen’s party. A winery tour was a great option for us because it was cost-effective and a fun way for people to get out of the city and experience something new. It was also ‘mum-friendly’ in two ways: the bride’s mother and mother-in-law both felt comfortable coming along, and unlike a night out, it wasn’t too much trouble for guests who had to get home to little ones. A win for all!

How to get around

For transport, we organised a 12-seater mini bus. My husband was kind enough to offer to drive, and the bus was small so he didn’t need a special driver’s licence. Bus hire was inexpensive when split among the whole group – do some research though, because we found that they cost anywhere from about $150 to $300, depending on which car hire company we chose.

If you choose to go with a commercial tour company rather than arranging your own transport, see if you can book the tour exclusively for your group so that you don’t end up sharing the tour bus with a bunch of people you don’t know. It’s more fun for the bachelorette that way, and more comfortable for other tour guests who might not want to share with a group of noisy ladies!

Tasting time!


For a bigger group, it’s a good idea to plan which wineries you want to visit in advance. And, if you want even fewer hassles on the day, call ahead (maybe a week before) and let the wineries know roughly what time you will be arriving. Often there are only a couple of people on staff to organise the tastings, so they really appreciate the heads up, and were much more accommodating than they might have been if we had just turned up unannounced.

Remember to factor in any tasting fees – these are rare, but important if you’re organising a hen’s party where each guest bears some of the costs.

And finally, if you want to make a proper day of it, make sure you pick up a bottle or two to enjoy with dinner that night! We did this for the hen’s party, and it was a lovely tie-in to enjoy some of the wines we’d tasted during the day.

Don’t taste on an empty stomach!


In my previous post, I shared some tips about making sure your group doesn’t starve during your wine tasting day. In short, don’t forget to factor in a quick stop for lunch (remember to make a booking) or pack some filling snacks and soft drinks.

The hen’s party that I helped to plan was a half-day event so it was a bit tricky – we were going out for dinner that night and didn’t want another big meal, so one of my co-bridesmaids put together snack boxes for all the guests. These were such a hit and really impressive! She bought cute brown boxes that had little sections in them for different treats. Amazon and eBay are great for this kind of thing. She then filled them with an assortment of sweet and savoury foods such as dried fruit, nuts, crackers, cheese (she had a small cooler to keep it cold), homemade cookies, a plastic knife and a serviette. Each box was labelled with a guest’s name on a pretty sticker and tied with ribbon, which looked and felt super special.

Our winery tour was part one of a weekend of celebrations, so it really set the tone for the other events we’d planned, and it was also a great icebreaker for guests who didn’t know each other. Part two was dinner and drinks in the city, and part three was a kitchen tea (recovery tea for some!) – but a winery tour could easily work as a stand-alone event.

Good luck planning your next hen’s party in one of this country’s beautiful wine regions!

KP xox

KP lives in Canberra with her husband and cat, spends her days dreaming about dinner and her nights dreaming about home décor. She loves spending time with her family and friends, and nurturing her love of lists by browsing Pinterest late into the night.

Image credits: Image 1 sourced from here, Pinterest and KP for all other images.

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