Why You Should Eat Breakfast

For the busy Sydney lady, it can be very difficult to find time to eat breakfast, let alone be organized enough to eat a healthy breakfast during the week. I know how tempting it can be to pick up some buttery banana bread or a sugary muffin or even worse, just a cup of coffee and skip breakfast altogether! But it’s so important to find some time to eat breakfast which is without a doubt, the most important meal of the day. Personally, I simply can’t function properly, work, play or be happy without eating it.

According to nutritionists the benefits of breakfast are:
– Kick-starts your metabolism (that is, you will be full until lunchtime and will not eat any unhealthy snacks in between).
– Provides you with energy,
– Helps you to concentrate and
– Maintain your weight.

I recently attended an event where Celebrity Chef and ‘the King of Breakfast’ Bill Granger highlighted the importance of breakfast.

We were treated to a lovely, healthy breakfast which consisted of:

Crunchy and tasty Jordan’s Muesli with yogurt and berries, endless cups of tea, tall glasses of orange juice and platters of fruit…



And for the main – poached eggs (of course, as it’s a Bill Granger event!) covered in hollandaise sauce and a sprinkling of dukkah, a side of spicy beans with meatballs and tomato salsa, crispy bacon and a slice of toast
Bill Granger eggs


Bill Granger came to every single table and chatted to every single one of us and let us take a photo with him at the end of the event. I only met him very briefly, but I was left with a great impression of a lovely, smiley family man. I’ll definitely be purchasing his cookbook now!

IMG_5566 (2)

An ideal breakfast should contain:
– Complex carbohydrates (like whole wheat toast or grain cereals)
– Protein (such as eggs or lean turkey)
– Dairy (like skim milk, low fat yogurt or cheese)
– Fruit and vegetables (like berries, fruit and juice).

Here are some quick breakfast ideas for you to eat at home or take to the office:
Jordan’s Muesli with almond milk and berries.
– Hard boiled eggs and avocado on whole-wheat toast.
– Smoothie with low fat milk, yogurt and strawberries or bananas – or both!
– Avocado and vegemite on sourdough toast.

Happy breakfasting!

Maadz xox

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